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Let's Increase Your Market Value!

We support to increase the market value of teachers.

About us

By Providing Practical Training Materials.

We are developing teaching materials to increase the market value of school teachers. We mean, the teaching materials used by school teachers are traditional textbooks. Most teachers use similar materials, the lesson will be almost the same for any teacher. For this reason, it is difficult to evaluate the teacher's individual teaching skills, and it is difficult to improve the teacher's market value. Therefore, we provide practice-oriented teaching materials that make it easy to appeal the teacher's teaching skills. We believe that the teaching skills of teachers are enhanced by the use of our teaching materials, which can motivate students to learn and, as a result, improve their skills. Of course, the higher the teacher's reputation, the higher the teacher's market value. This is your chance.
Why don't you make a class full of smiles using teaching materials that increase the market value of teachers?


Three Features



Basic Education


See, Think, Create, Operate

It is designed for education to train the basic skills of system engineers. Actually, see, think, create, operate and learn. 


Bird's-eye View


Ability to overlook the whole

Train the ability to get an overview of the entire system. This is a very important skill for managing the system development. 


Human Power


Ability to teamwork with Japanese

Train management skills, communication skills, and motivation skills, which are required a teamwork with Japanese. 

Let's Increase Your Market Value!

The First Content

Learn the basics of cultivation system

Learn the basics of developing cultivation systems that lead to food issues and space development. System development requirement definition, cultivation system creation with the Raspberry Pi


Learn the basics of hardware control

Learn the basics of hardware control using the Raspberry Pi. The LED lighting circuit, control by the Raspberry Pi, making control circuit for cultivation system.


Learn the basics of control programs

Learn the basics of control programs using three different programming languages. Algorithm basics, control program creation with Scratch, Python and Ruby.


Learn the system development teamwork

Learn teamwork for system development that enhances the value of system engineers. Introducing Japanese culture and business conditions in order to work with Japanese people.


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The Cultivation System of Strawberry.