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  Let's start system development!

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Foster the Engineering Spirit!

We will support you to strengthen family ties through the development of smart home systems.

About us
Cultivation System Development
Ph.1 was released in 2019.
Ph.2 was released in 2020.
Ph.3 was released in 2021.
Ph.4 was released in 2021.
Ph.5 was released in 2023.

By Providing Practical Training Materials.

Development of ICT teaching materials for homes, provision of teaching materials services.

We are developing teaching materials to train system engineers with an eye on the space development era. Focusing on the framework of society, we can see that society is composed of various systems. We believe that building an appropriate system is the key to solving important social problems in the world. For that purpose, we need a system engineer who can play an active role in complex and large-scale system development. And it will be clear that it is first and foremost necessary to develop excellent system engineers for that purpose. Therefore, as a method of training excellent system engineers, we focused on creating a place where you can learn engineering from an early age.
Usually, it is easy to think that the place of professional education is a school, but we thought that the place of home education before going to school is the key to develop excellent engineers. The reasons are as follows.

  • The place of education in the natural world is mainly on-the-job training conducted with the family.
    • For animals, parents teach their children how to hunt in the field.
  • The abilities of children under the age of 10 have endless possibilities.
    • If you look at research on infant abilities, you may think of it too.
  • Advanced education can be solved with the support of the family.
    • Advanced education is often not solved by the child alone, so parents usually leave the education to the school. However, this method is unfortunate because it results in a loss of opportunity for "infinite possibilities".

If the child can get the help of the family, the child will be able to learn advanced things at the age of infinite possibilities. However, in order to realize home education that deals with specialized content, it is a challenge to procure appropriate teaching materials.
To solve problems, we are creating teaching materials aimed at training system engineers in consideration of home education. In the age of space development, we believe that the activities of system engineers are even more essential, and we are involved in specialized education.

Three Features



Basic Education


See, Think, Create, Operate

It is designed for education to train the basic skills of system engineers. Actually, see, think, create, operate and learn. 


Bird's-eye View


Ability to overlook the whole

Train the ability to get an overview of the entire system. This is a very important skill for managing the system development. 


Human Power


Teamwork ability

Teamwork is indispensable for system development. Acquire management skills, communication skills, and motivation skills that are important for teamwork. 

Let's start system development to foster family teamwork!

The Contents

Learn the basics of cultivation system

Learn the basics of developing cultivation systems that lead to food issues and space development. System development requirement definition, cultivation system creation with the Raspberry Pi.


Learn the basics of hardware control

Learn the basics of hardware control using the Raspberry Pi. The LED lighting circuit, control by the Raspberry Pi, making control circuit for cultivation system.


Learn the basics of control programs

Learn the basics of control programs using different programming languages. Algorithm basics, control program creation with Scratch, Python and Ruby.


Learn the system development teamwork

Learn teamwork and system development to become an excellent system engineer. It will be a fun and good learning because you will get results and have a sense of accomplishment.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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The Cultivation System of Strawberry.
Ph. 5 was released.